Version released (01/31-2003)

FeedExpress is a freeware and OpenSource (LGPL license) RSS feed reader.
FeedExpress basically lets you subscribe to several RSS/RDF sources, known as Subscriptions in FeedExpress, in the same way that Outlook Express lets you subscribe to several news groups. FeedExpress caches and indexes all the feeds for each RSS subscription, making it easy to overview all your feeds.

FeedExpress is currently released in a beta version, which doesn't have all the features that the final version will have.

Features in the current version:
  • Supports reading RSS 0.91, 0.92, 2.0 (I believe some call this version 1), RDF and RadioLands version 2.0.
  • RSS Reader support is plugable, so if FeedExpress doesn't support a given format, it will be quite easy to create your own reader. More on this to follow soon...
  • The basic reading, refreshing, etc. features that you would expect of a feed reader
  • Support for adding additional information about a subscription. This information will be shown in the windows titlebar when the subcription is selected.
  • Support for Proxy servers
  • Optional sounds to indicate new feeds
  • Automatic refresh of Feeds
  • Can use the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) of the Subscriptions homepage when displaying feeds from a subscription.
  • Searching capabilities
  • Status tray integration, with visible indication of new feeds

Features that will be there in the final version:

  • Synchronization of subscriptions with a 3rd party storage, such as an FTP server. This means you can now easly share subscriptions between home and work.
  • Improved status UI
  • Support for auto subscription through links in HTML pages
  • Support for "Feed lists" such as OPML and OCS.
  • More plugability that will allow other programmers to extend the UI and functionality of FeedExpress
  • Your suggestions...


Software requirements


Click here to download version of FeedExpress

Sourcecode for FeedExpress version FeedExpress is released under a LGPL license.
The FeedExpress sourcecode will soon appear on SourceForge at location http://www.sf.net/projects/feedexpress. When it does it will be the main place for new source releases.

Known problems

Under .NET framework build 3705 (version 1.0.3705), feeds will get mixed. I suspect this is due to a bug in the Thread code in .NET, since this error doesn't occur under build 3825 (version 1.0.3825) of the .NET framework. If you get this kind of error, please try and update the framework to the latest version (or the latest fixpack for .NET framework) and see if it fixes the problem.

Developer Information

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Changes from to (01/31-2003)

  • Released as Open source
  • Changed the proxy autentication. I still haven't got verification that it works.
  • Changed the Radio Userlands Reader, so it supports feeds with default namespace other than an empty string

Changes from to (01/30-2003)

  • Added experimental support for proxy authentication. This is largely untested since I don't have a proxy where I need to authenticate.
    NB: The password is stored unencrypted!

Changes from to (01/29-2003)

  • Implemented Start on Windows Startup functionality. This requires access to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, so you need an account that can set data under this root.

Changes from to (01/29-2003)

  • You can now from a single subscription property dialog set the Automatic refresh time for all subscriptions (if you wish)
  • Changed default sound to a single beep.
  • Minor UI changes
  • Prepared the code for going OpenSource. I will release it under LGPL license and host it on SourceForge. This will hopefully happen tomorrow.

Changes from to (01/28-2003)

  • Changed Thread pooling code, so it's now MUCH faster at refreshing your feeds. It doesn't use .net's ThreadPool class, which is slow, weird and has a bug in relation with HttpWebRequest (according to Microsoft support personel the bug "might" be changed in the next big release, no reason to change it now).
  • Fixed a bug in the search algorithm so it shouldn't produce errors and it isn't case sensitive anymore.
  • You can now import from another FeedExpress subscriptions file. This eases the exchange of Subscriptions. "Replication" through FTP servers is next on the list

Changes from to (01/27-2003)

  • Improved the Subscription Tree view context menu handling
  • Improved FeedReader import functionality. It should now complete without warning, even if a subscription might be unreachable.
  • Changed the Subscription Tree view Icon indicator for new feeds
  • Changed ThreadPool worker thread and i/o thread maximum. There might still be problems with reaching the maximum number of threads. If you get an error stating so, please send me the log-file.txt from your FeedExpress directory.
  • Minor UI changes

Changes from to (01/26-2003)

  • Interface changes in combination with the release of developer information for Reader extensions.

Changes from to (01/26-2003)

  • Added Status tray integration, with visible indication of new feeds. It wont hide from the taskbar, as this makes IE (the integrated Web browser) act weird
  • The search button now toggles

Changes from to (01/26-2003)

  • You can now import from FeedReader version 2.x
  • Fixed and enhanced UserLand RSS reader. Now it should accept all feeds.
  • Added RDF format reader
  • From the Subscriptions property dialog, you can now select to clear the feed cache
  • Minor UI improvments (Address focus in Add subscription dialog) and default buttons on all dialogs
  • Added easy feedback support (click a button and complete the email)

Changes from to (01/20-2003)

  • Now shows unread count together with total feed count next to the subscription
  • Fixed minor UI bugs
  • Supports marking All subscriptions as Read/Unread at the root level

Changes from to (01/19-2003)

  • Now shows unread count next to the subscription
  • Now supports searching subscriptions. This is an experimental implementation.

Changes from to (01/17-2003)

  • Fixed default CSS so it displays correctly
  • Improved HTML parsing so it can find more CSS documents
Changes from to (01/16-2003)
  • Fixed Proxy support code. It should work now
  • Added auto refresh capabilities which can be specified for each Subscription.
  • Added the capability to download the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) for each Subscriptions homepage and use this in the rendring of each feed.
  • You can now specify the CSS to use in case the Subscriptions CSS couldn't be downloaded or found
Released (01/15-2003)